Cotswold Yoga

Welcome to Cotswold Yoga Courses, We are an independent practice offering, individual and group classes in and around the Cotswolds.  Our primary focus is Vinyasa Flow yoga, an advanced form of Hatha Yoga, which links the breath with movement.  All human bodies were created to move in some way, Vinyasa Flow yoga aims to utilise our bodies and aims to harness this power to move to create equilibrium within the Human body, connecting the body with mind. The consistent practice of Yoga along with breath work(pranayama) helps to create a healthy body and mind- it is excellent for flexibility, strength and endurance training.  It acts as a tonic for stress and anxiety, aids injury recovery and induces an increased state of physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Hi I’m Michelle and I’m the lead instructor, and therapist at Cotswold Yoga courses.  I began doing Yoga at the age of 5, informally, and formally in 2001 I began practicing Hatha yoga which is where my heart really lies, balancing our bodies and mind.   It was through my study of yoga, my journey into holistic therapies evolved branching out into other forms of energy work, Reiki and Massage.


Come and join us for a wonderful satsang experience, time to de-connect, re-connect, and come out on the other side.