A moment for Reflection


(03 February 2019)

Halfway to Spring; a mild winter and finally my fight to let go of the hedonistic excitement of Summer finally took it’s hold.  My sunshine outlook, and hopeful days gave way to ones of slumber, and relaxation, this winter I have spent time reflecting, digesting, learning.

I have enjoyed dimming the lights nourishing my body and soul, with nutritious food and yoga, and I am reminded once again the need for balance in our lives, the need for growth and the need for re-rooting and grounding, consolidating, and reaffirming.

I move forwards into this next period of time, more relaxed, focused and receptive to what this year will bring.  I move through this time of Imbolc in preparation for the Spring, nurturing those seeds I have sown, reflecting on what needs to be changed, and letting go of the old to be fully receptive to what is on offer for me at this time.  I move forwards nurturing my inner goddess, getting ready to blossom into the spring.




Summers End

We have been very lucky with the mostly dry and sunny days of September and October, The leaves on the trees have turned autumn gold, and red, and have lasted much longer than I expected after such a scorching hot summer.

Before the days turn dark and cold, we have time to slightly retreat into ourselves, slow down, re-ground after the hedonistic; adventurous and perhaps tumultuous days of summer.  Time to re-connect to ourselves, revisit our goals and intentions we set at the start of the year- did we meet them? – we still have time; with two months to go, how have things changed? 

At this time of year I love to light candles; although I have been fighting this time- to slow down.  I take long walks in the bright sunny days – soaking up the vitamin D, and absorbing the energy of the blue hues as much as possible before it disappears altogether.  Doing all I can in fighting off that SAD as much as I can , its dark now at 5pm, and I welcome coming home to the subtle lighting of candles, and warming scents of bergamot, mandarin, neroli, perhaps some light lemon and lime, before I begin to add the smells of smoke from an open fire and the winter additions of pine, perhaps nutmeg and maybe some cinnamon spice, sprinkled with star anise but lets leave that for a while yet….

autumn temple